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InfoSec Concept

CYBER AGE - The technology driven economies and individuals

Today in the ‘cyber age’ that we live in, the usage of digital devices with internet has become a norm. The efficiency, affordability and pervasiveness of technology have made it an integral part of our daily lives. The power of internet based technology has been able to charge and give boost to every sphere of economy revolutionizing business, banking, commerce, communication, education, entertainment and other services. This scenario has pushed every individual to adopt the digital lifestyle at a very quick pace that was never seen before.

In the current digital times, the access to technology through convenience of digital devices is far reaching and has touched every aspect of our daily life. Today internet enables its digital users to create content and communicate with each other across the globe in matter of seconds. The digital users today use pictures, video, sound, and text to share their real lives, genuine identity etc. The Internet has allowed individuals to free themselves from the geographic limitations and come together in topic-based communities that are not tied down to any specific place - Personal stories can go public and local issues can become global now.

Women and Children – soft targets for cyber criminals

Cyber crimes disproportionately affect the vulnerable sections, especially women and children. Cyber crimes like stalking, online harassment and bullying, sexting, etc., have suddenly acquired wide currency after the cyber space has become more populated and instruments to perpetrate these crimes in the cyber space have become widespread. These crimes are difficult to trace and investigate because they are anonymous.

Few Cyber Crimes against Women and Children:

  1. Fake Profiles
  2. Sextortion
  3. Morphing
  4. Cyber Bullying
  5. Child Pornography