Tip of the Day
07 June 2023


Avoid filling forms received from unknown sources.

  • Do not fill in your personal information in the forms those come through e-mails
  • The information may be misused
  • Some of the links will appear pretty much similar to the website of the actual bank or financial institution But, these links may lead to phishing attack

Tip of the week
05 June 2023‐11 June 2023


Use only known, trusted, and secure websites while sharing sensitive information

Using https:// URL websites for online transactions ensures that the data is encrypted Thus, it’s safe

Tip of the month
June 2023


Be alert for phishing e-mail scam

  • E-mail users are being bombarded with authentic-looking messages those instruct them to provide sensitive/personal information It's called 'phishing'
  • Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software as well update them regularly
  • Enable phishing filter in your mail client and web browser