Tip of the Day
27 November 2022


Ensure to secure your laptop with cable lock to prevent theft

  • The cable slip clips into the Kensington lock slot which is found on all the laptops and then wraps around the leg of a table or other immovable object.
  • Never ever leave your laptop in your car More so, if your laptop contains data worth more than the laptop and car combined.

Tip of the week
21 November 2022‐27 November 2022


Your password/PIN is considered secure until they are in your memory and not noted on paper or device

Do not share your passwords and PINs with others and keep them a secret Do not save them on your computer desktop, or any notebook as they may create serious havoc on your financial transactions if leaked

Tip of the month
November 2022


Use Bluetooth in invisible mode/turn off unless its required to connect with known devices

This is to hide the devices so that the attackers will not be able to scan them or search for them