Tip of the Day
19 September 2021


Work smart and not just hard Secure yourself, your system, and your network

  • Make backups of important information and store them in a safe place away from your computer.
  • Update and patch your operating system, web browser, and software frequently.
  • Install and update a desktop firewall.

Tip of the week
13 September 2021‐19 September 2021


Secure your system even if it doesn't contain any valuable information Secure your personal gadgets like Mobiles/Tablets etc,

  • Make sure to backup the information in magnetic CD/DVD/USB or any secondary devices.
  • Secure your system with firewall and the latest updates

Tip of the month
September 2021


Read the license agreement carefully before installing the software onto your system

  • Prevention is the key to protect your computer and data from malicious software.
  • Read the License Agreement before installing any Software/Application.
  • Install it from a trusted source