Tip of the Day
12 July 2020


Some viruses start impacting your computer as soon as they appear on the Outlook Express preview panel(window) So, disable that option

  • In Outlook and Outlook Express, there is a feature known as Preview Panel This option opens an e-mail This is an area of the screen where the contents of an e-mail can be seen as soon as you highlight the e-mail by simply clicking on it
  • This has become dangerous nowadays because many e-mail viruses attack your machine when you just open your e-mail even without double clicking on an attachment

Tip of the week
06 July 2020‐12 July 2020


Always use the latest updated Anti-Spyware program

Spyware is a term used to describe the software installed on your computer that displays advertisements and/or tracks and collects your personal information This personal information includes your user IDs, passwords, names, addresses etc, Anti-virus and anti-spyware software detect different types of malware So, install and activate anti-spyware software to protect your computer

Tip of the month
July 2020


Do not believe everything which you read online

  • Online posts may not be authentic and genuine
  • People may post or mislead about various topics including their own identities
  • There may not be any malicious content It could be just unintentional, or to make fun