Tip of the Day
24 April 2024


Ensure to take proper care while typing Password/ PIN to protect from shoulder surfers

  • Shoulder Surfing is a direct observation technique, such as looking over someone’s shoulder, to get passwords, PINs, other sensitive personal information and even listen in on your conversation if you give your credit-card number over the phone
  • When user enters informationusing a keyboard or virtual keyboard try to be fast or cover it

Tip of the week
22 April 2024‐28 April 2024


Never disclose PIN or other bank account related information to anyone

  • Do not provide PIN or other account information through telephone unless you initiated the call The PIN should not be disclosed to any third party, including the staff of the Bank or to merchant establishments under any circumstances or by any means whether voluntary or otherwise
  • Do not reveal PIN number on telephone because neither your bank nor any agency is authorized to ask you to disclose your PIN

Tip of the month
April 2024


Avoid saving credit card details while shopping online

  • Before you do online shopping check whether the site is secured You can check by the URL, which starts with https instead of http Before transaction, delete cookies and don’t save credit card details in the website while you do online shopping