Tip of the Day
04 October 2023


Enable Bluetooth only when needed

Retain the Bluetooth connection in an invisible mode unless you want any user to access your mobile or laptop through it

Tip of the week
02 October 2023‐08 October 2023


Ensure to run anti-virus scan before executing any program on your PC

  • A computer virus is a program, or a portion of executable code that has the exclusive ability to run.
  • CD/DVD storage devices are the most common souces by which the viruses get transmitted If you are using a CD/DVD while working on your computer, remove it when you shut down your machine If you don’t shut down your computer without human intervention, it tries to boot from the CD/DVD when you restart This can launch many viruses on the disk.

Tip of the month
October 2023


Monitor online accounts regularly to identify fraudulent transactions if any

Maintain your credit card receipts to produce against transaction frauds. Cross check your receipts with your monthly statements