Tip of the Day
25 July 2024


Avoid sharing personal details while using chat rooms

  • Do not use your real name or user ID to sign into a chat room Use a nickname or alias name
  • Do not post personal information in a chat room
  • On the Internet, it is easy to pretend to be someone else This is more so in chat rooms
  • Some people take advantage of the relative anonymity offered by the Net to lie about their age, sex, occupation, and intentions

Tip of the week
22 July 2024‐28 July 2024


Be aware of internet etiquette

Such arguments could depress you and affect your personality

  • If someone is getting into online argument then don't respond to those comments. the best defense is to avoid and ignore.
  • This is an art of Cyberbullying.

  • Tip of the month
    July 2024


    Do not trust all that you view online

    • Online posts may not be authentic and genuine
    • People may post or mislead about various topics including their own identities