Tip of the Day
19 November 2019


Make sure that your family members know what to do when your computer is infected

  • It is very important that everyone who uses a computer be aware of proper security practices
  • Teach them about how to update virus protection software, how to download security patches from software vendors, and how to create a proper password, etc

Tip of the week
18 November 2019‐24 November 2019


Make sure to take a backup of your data before doing any hardware troubleshooting

  • The backup which you have taken will help you in recovering the files if there is any problem during troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting something could be successfull or unsuccessfulSo having backup of important data is a good idea

Tip of the month
November 2019


Keep the Bluetooth connection in an invisible mode unless you need some user to access your mobile phone or laptop

This is to hide the devices so that the attackers will not be able to scan them or search for them