Tip of the Day
05 July 2022


Be cautious while sharing sensitive information on public hotspots and computers

  • Never check the "Remember" box on shared computers in public places such as libraries, schools, hotels, coffee houses, and cyber cafes, etc
  • If you enter your sensitive information like credit card details, banks etc ensure https in the url instead of http

Tip of the week
04 July 2022‐10 July 2022


Exercise parental controls to ensure online safety of children

  • Children perform downloads without verifying the source of file, which may lead to virus of malware downloads
  • So, give your child only user permission but not administrative privileges
  • Always keep the firewall ‘On’ for safety reasons

Tip of the month
July 2022


Do not trust all that you view online

  • Online posts may not be authentic and genuine
  • People may post or mislead about various topics including their own identities