Tip of the Day
22 September 2020


Be extremely careful with online file sharing softwares

  • File sharing is used to share computer data or space with others on a network It allows multiple users to copy, read, and modify the same file.
  • There are two types of file sharing: peer to peer file sharing and centralized file sharing.

Tip of the week
21 September 2020‐27 September 2020


Don't install unknown or unsolicited softwares on your computer/laptop

  • These can place computer viruses or even open a 'back door' giving others access to your computer without your knowledge.
  • If you want to install any software in your system, get a licensed version and install it on your computer.
  • Use trusted websites for downloading any software.

Tip of the month
September 2020


Read the license agreement carefully before installing the software onto your system

  • Prevention is the key to protect your computer and data from malicious software.
  • Read the License Agreement before installing any Software/Application.
  • Install it from a trusted source