Tip of the Day
22 January 2021


Encourage family members to use Internet safely

Encourage each family member to follow the rules and guidelines for using the Internet that your family has establishedYour safety, the safety of your whole family and your community depends on the people each family member allows into your home - through the doors and the computers

Tip of the week
18 January 2021‐24 January 2021


Do not disclose sensitive information to others unless they have a business need to know

Intentionally or unintentionally, we should not provide any information about personal, organization and their sensitive data to anybody through telephone,Internet unless we have a business or personal relation with them

Tip of the month
January 2021


Respect the privacy of others, just as you expect the same from them

  • The respect of privacy of an individual is important at any place and more so in an Internet centre, office etc This may extend to the normal use of the computers to participate in surfing the Internet How would you react if someone interfered with yours? Each of us has a reasonable right to privacy on Internet and we should respect the same as we expect from them