Tip of the Day
23 July 2021


Observe your system for any new software installed without your intervention

  • Always update yourself with the application running and installed in your system, so that you can identify if any unknown software is installed with our your knowledge which mostly come up with virus, malware etc.,

Tip of the week
19 July 2021‐25 July 2021


Always scan the USB pen drive,diskettes, and removable hard disks for viruses before using them

Virus creates an autoruninf file which is a system, hidden, and a read-only file on your pen drive It points to the main virus file which is also located on the pen drive So, when you double click on the pen drive, the files pointed by the autoruninf get executed which copy the virus files on to your system

Tip of the month
July 2021


Do not believe everything which you read online

  • Online posts may not be authentic and genuine
  • People may post or mislead about various topics including their own identities
  • There may not be any malicious content It could be just unintentional, or to make fun