Delete these eight malicious Android apps from your mobile right away

The Quick Heal Security Labs recently spotted 8 apps that have been infiltrated Joker Malware. The identified joker malware is mainly targeting the android users, and acts without their knowledge overriding the safety and security norms.

Identified list of eight Joker Malware Infected Apps:

What Joker Malware does ?

It reads your notifications, calls, SMS, and contacts, and subscribes you to premium, chargeable services. Example:

  • The application  silently interacts with advertisement websites and subscribes the victim to premium services without their knowledge
  • The malware is capable of changing and evolving itself so that it can bypass the security norms of the Google Play Store also.


  • Changed settings
  • Slow functioning 
  • Rise in the battery and data usage
  • Less storage space

Tips to stay safe and secure:

  1. Ensure that you immediately delete the apps from the above list, in case you have installed any in your mobile.
  2. Download applications only from trusted sources like legitimate websites or authorized app stores.
  3. Avoid downloading apps from SMS, emails, social media messages, or by clicking advertisements.
  4. Be cautious about allowing any new permissions during the installation of the application.
  5. Properly verify the app details in the developer’s website before downloading it.
  6. Avoid installing the apps that have typo graphical/ grammatical mistakes in its descriptions.
  7. Pay attention to reviews and comments of the users, before installing any of the applications.
  8. Use trusted anti-virus software for Mobile Security to stay safe from Android malware.
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