Internet ethics implies to your behavior while using Internet. Anyone using the internet should be aware that you should always be honest and respect the rights and property of others on Internet.

What happens if you not follow the Game Rules in your school ?....You may be abandoned from the game by your teacher, and punished. Similarly while using Internet also, its very important to follow the Rules/ethics, you may be denied from some of the Internet facilities

The following are few of the Internet Ethics available


The World Wide Web  is a place where values are considered in a broadest sense, so we need to take care while shaping content and services. We should recognize that Internet is not separate from public society, but it is a primary component of it. Thus, as you behave politely and humbly in the public society, similar behavior should be followed in the Internet world also.

Sensitivity to national and local cultures

Internet is a medium that belongs to all and there is no barrier of national and local cultures. It cannot be subject to one set of values like any local TV channel, a local news paper and we have to accommodate multiplicity of usage.

While doing school work

Internet must be used to gain knowledge and to do a school work. You must not copy the information and say it is our own content. If you say that the content is your own the copy rights issues will be raised and you will be punished, so it is recommended not to copy information and say it is of your own.

For example, say you have written a very good assignment/article and published in the Internet through blogs/email etc, and one of your classmate copied your content from Net and submitted it as if its his assignment to your teacher. How do you feel in such scenario?

While using email and chatting

Internet must be used for communication with family and friends. You should not use the Internet for chatting or communicating with strangers and forwarding the emails from strangers.

Pretending to be someone else

You must not use the Internet to pretend as someone else and fool others by hiding our identity. Similarly, as you don’t want others to pretend as someone else by hiding their true identity and communicate.

Use of Bad Language

You must not use rude or bad language while using email, chatting and blogging with others on the Internet. You should not criticize anyone on the Internet.

Hide Personal Information

You should hide our personal details from strangers like revealing your home address, telephone numbers, hobbies and no photographs should be sent because it might be misused and shared with others without your knowledge.

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