Download is basically receiving files, applications n other data from a remote system, like a server, such as a web server, an FTP server, an email server, or other similar systems.

One has to be careful and take a few precautions while downloading data from remote system , as it can pose threats to the security of  the user’s system and data.


Possible risks of downloading without precautions

  • Unknowingly downloading objectionable/illegal material or viruses disguised as some other files.
  • Allowing viruses on to your computer . 
  • Breach of your firewall may take place, especially when using file-sharing programs.
  • Accidently having adware installed that can enable disturbing popup advertisements.
  • Unknowingly allowing spyware that enables criminals to obtain private information for financial gain or identity theft.

Precautions that should be taken while downloading

  • Close all the applications that are running on your computer, let only one set-up file run at a time of downloading.
  • Set firewalls, set antivirus to actively scan all the files you download.
  • Scan all the files after you download whether from websites or links received from emails.
  • Always use updated antivirus, spam filter and spyware to help detect and remove virus, spyware from the application you want to download.
  • Never download any files like music, video, games and many more from untrusted sites and do not go by the recommendations given by your friends or recommendation made by any random website's comments.
  • Check that the URLs are same, and always download games, music or videos from the secure websites like which use HTTPS websites instead of HTTP. In the web address, replace “http” to https”. The HTTPS refers to the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
  • Download only from trust worthy websites. Do not click links to download anything you see on unauthorized sites.
  • If you happen to view any offensive text, bad language  on the website, just close the window no matter how important it is, because  spyware may be installed on your PC from such websites.
  • Check the size of the file before you download, sometimes it shows a very small size but after you click it increases the size of the file.
  • Never believe anything which says click on this link and  your computer settings will be changed and your PC can be turned into XBOX and can play unlimited games on your computer.
  • Do not accept anything that offers you free download because that may contain malicious software.
  • Do not click the link or file and let it start download automatically, download the file and save where you want save and then run on the application.
  • Set secure browser settings before you download anything.
  • Read carefully the terms and conditions before you click on install or run application. 
  • Do not download anything until you know complete information of the website and know whether it is an original site of an original company.
  • Never download from the links that offer free antivirus or anti spyware software, always download from trusted sites, if you are not sure about the site you are downloading, enter the site into favorite search engine to see if anyone has posted or reported that it contains unwanted technologies.

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