What to keep in mind while using social media?

Everything is permanent and your social profile is an extension of yourself. Be cautious. Be sensible

Whatever you post online are permanent (this includes texting!) Private is not always private. The photo you post online is not owned by them anymore. The rights of the photo get transferred to the social channel once it is uploaded.

Every choice you make reveals your character.

Try to be kind, not popular.

Social media should supplement your relationships, not replace them.

What is not safe for children online?

  • Share personal information online. Personal information includes full name, date of birth, home address, school address, email, parent’s details, etc.,
  • Post pictures of yourself and others online.
  • Talk with strangers online and offline.
  • Share location online to strangers

Potential risks of social media include:

  • Exposure to harmful or inappropriate content (e.g., sex, drugs, violence, etc.)
  • Exposure to dangerous people
  • Cyber bullying, a risk factor for depression and suicide
  • Oversharing personal information
  • Exposure to excessive advertisements
  • Privacy concerns including the collection of data about teen users
  • Identity theft or being hacked
  • Interference with sleep, exercise, homework, or family activities
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